Surplus Tooling

Looking for a way to save money?

Champion Screw Machine has the answer.  Champion has a large selection of good quality used (surplus) tooling, replacement parts, & attachments for your automatic.

Surplus is the answer!

Here is a sample of some of the surplus parts that Champion offer; Cams, Collets, Pushers, Dovetail Tooling, Pick-Off Backfinish, Threading, High Speed Drilling, Reaming, Recess, Shave Tools, Pusher & Collet Tubes, Stock Reel Tubes & Stands, Conveyors, Gears, Clutches, Slides, Splash Guards, Access Doors, Levers, Spindles, and just about anything other items that goes on an automatic.

Pictures of some of the items in Champion’s Warehouse!

image014image013image005image007 image023 image022 image011   image009



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