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We are known throughout the world for our quality boring, recessing, threading tools and tool holders.

Bokum Tool Company is a third-generation family- owned company. For over fifty-five years we have built a reputation for quality and precision in the manufacture of boring. recessing and threading tools. We offer these tools either as standard off the shelf or custom made.

Bokum Tool is a leader in the design of tools and accessories that make machining operations easier to set up. quicker to run and more economical on both high-volume and piece work runs.


Bokum Tool specializes in the boring of holes from 1/is” in diameter up to 2″ in diameter. These tools are offered in both high speed steel and carbide.

We stock over 1,600 types of boring tools, ready for immediate shipment.

All of our boring tools are ground with constant radial and helical relief. which means the top face need only be resharpened to maintain correct clearances. The high speed steel and carbide head tools offer a full 210 degrees of regrind life, which reduces your cost per cutting edge.


We stock over 258 recess cutting tools in four different styles; retaining ring. O-ring. thread recessing and back chamfering. The selection we offer gives our customers the widest range of tool flexibility and versatility for their applications. Our recess tools also incorporate radial relief design, ensuring proper clearance angles and eliminating tool rubbing.


Our standard tools can be altered to meet our customers’ special tooling needs. or special tooling can be designed by our engineers to meet any special applications required by our customers


Our precision threading tools offer accuracy and a clean finish. Bokum threading tools can help reduce or eliminate reject parts. which translates into customer savings.

With our threading tools. setups are fast and easy because our cutting clearance angles remain constant. Because of our 210 degree tool form design. the life of the tool is greatly extended because of the number of regrinds possible.

This translates into lower tool cost. longer tool life and customer savings!


Bokum Tool Company has been instrumental in the design and development of automatic recess tool holders. Our design allows our holders to be used on virtually any kind of machine. from low production lathes and drill presses to high volume N/C machining centers producing close-tolerance parts.

One of the many concepts designed into our holders includes better length-to-diameter ratio. This allows greater accuracy of machined parts and extended durability of the holder.

When used with our tool holders. cutting tools will last three to five times longer. In addition, with our pre-set tooling concept. we have reduced the need for extended setup time.

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