National Acme Chain Tensioner

New – Spring Loaded Chain Tensioner

Champion has developed a solution to problems with broken chains that drive Threading on 1-1/4 RA6 thru 2-5/8 RB8 National Acme Automatic Screw Machines.  The chain tensioner gets mounted in the attachment bore 2nd position on a 6 spindle and 3rd position on an 8 spindle machine.

Acme-Gridley Chain Tensioner

– Extends web chain life
– Shock absorbing
– Smooth transition
– Reduces snap action to chain

1-1/4 RA6
1-1/4 RB8
1-5/8 RA, RB6
1-5/8 RBN, RB8
2″ RA, RB6
2″ RB8
2-5/8 RB6
others machine available on request

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