New Matic Air Stock Stop


●  image002Solid construction
●  No internal adjustments
●  Simplified design
●  Fewer wear parts
●  Long service life
●  Affordably priced

Tired of limping along with your old air stock stops because alternatives were too complicated or expensive? Thanks to the New-Matic you can say goodbye to those old, high maintenance units, and enjoy the benefits of stock depletion detection without all the headaches.  And you can do it without breaking the bank.

The New-Matic utilizes a simple, patented design that enables the stop to provide reliable and efficient performance at a low per unit cost. Designed to be a direct replacement for the old Acme-Gridley air stock stop, the New-Matic has been thoroughly tested and qualified on Acme machines in the field.

The New-Matic offers everything you need in one package. The robust design provides long service life. In normal performance the unit is self cleaning. The internal components are easily replaced and low in cost. In short, the New-Matic is simply the best air stock stop money can buy.

image003Acme Sizes In Stock

9/16 RA, RAN-6
1” RA, RAN6
1-1/4 RA-6
1-1/4 RB-8
1-5/8 RBN-8
1-5/8 RA, RB-6
2” RA, RB-6

other sizes available upon request.

Patented pivot design provides strength and long service life. Direct replacement for old Acme air stock stop.

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