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Ramsey Silent Chain

image002Ramsey Products Corporation specializes in the design, manufacture, and application of Silent Chain drives. For 80 years this has been our focus, and today we remain committed to providing our customers with the world’s widest range of Silent chain drive products. In addition to our extensive standard product lines for power transmission and conveying applications we offer custom-designed chains, as well as replacements for most competitors products. With warehouses and representatives around the world, we stand ready to assist you in putting efficient, quiet, and reliable Silent chain drives to work in your application

Ramsey Sprockets & Couplings

Ramsey offers both Stock and Made To Order sprockets. Unless otherwise specified, sprockets are cut with an ANSI standard tooth profile. Stock sprockets are suitable for SC and RamPower series chains.


The Ramsey Flexible Coupling consists of two steel sprockets encircled by a Ramsey Silent Chain. It is easily installed, readily aligned, sturdy, simple, and  compact. It is made entirely of steel of maximum strength and durability in a compact size. Angular misalignment of 1 deg. and parallel misalignment of 2% of chain pitch are easily accommodated.

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