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image003image001Davenport Machine provides the highest-quality OEM replacement parts. Davenport Machine has taken a leadership role in overall replacement parts price reductions because we understand how competitive the screw machine parts market is today. Our customers need to watch costs very carefully and we want to help them remain healthy, growing and competitive. As Davenport Machine produces higher volumes and larger lot sizes the increases in productivity and resulting cost savings will continue to benefit our customers.

The company’s authorized price list reflects OEM parts pricing for over 3,000 parts related to the repair and maintenance of global installations of Davenport’s five-spindle automatic screw machines including Davenport’s HP and Model B. Competitive price quotes are available through local distributors of Davenport screw machine products, or can be acquired directly from Davenport through one of our sales representatives.

davenport partsDavenport Machine is always in the process of re-examining and re-engineering all of our parts to continue to improve tolerances, quality and at the same time reduce manufacturing costs. See our Engineering Bulletins for the most up-to-date information.

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