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Trusty-Cook Hush Tubes

image003Get an edge on your competition.  Reduce Noise, minimize machining problems and increase machine productivity with Trusty-Cook Stock Feeder Hush Tubes.

Trusty-Cook Stock Feeder Hush Tubes are sound deadening sleeves that more accurately control bar whip.  These tubes are available in 25 standard models with available custom sizing.


image004Reduce Noise – Trusty-Cook Stock Feeder Hush Tubes have been designed to reduce in-plant noise pollution by absorbing and dampening sound level normally transmitted throughout the stock feeder tube. Reduced noise levels can help you meet OSHA regulations and improve production by lowering employee strain and fatigue.

Minimize Machining Problems – A properly sized Trusty-Cook Stock Feeder Hush Tube or Liner Insert will reduce bar whip allowing maintained precise machine part tolerance. Holding precise part tolerance enables you to consistently produce high quality parts, with lower scrap rates, less machine down time and decreased wear on cutting tools.

Increase Machine Productivity – If you have machines that are under utilized, Trusty-Cook Stock Feeder Hush Tubes or Liner Inserts may provide a cost affective solution. Our product allows you the flexibility of quickly changing the capacity of your machines. In other words, one machine can run different size stock. This can increase your productivity and enhance your ability to meet your customers needs.

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