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New Davenport Servo B Ups Productivity


September, 2003 -- Davenport Machine, Inc. has successfully reintroduced the Model B Servo Five Spindle Automatic Screw Machine. The Servo B is the next generation of Davenport’s Servo Drive machine and provides significant improvements in operational speed, user interface, part throughput, and cost efficiency.

One of the key enhancements of the machine is the replacement of its Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with a new DC Servo Drive for the main machine drive motor. The Servo Drive eliminates numerous gears and pulleys associated with the VFD and the previous mechanical Model B Machine.

The new Servo provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced following error, cutting current 3% variations in earlier models to under 0.2% in the new Servo B, thus maximizing part accuracy and improving configuration integrity in applications such as threading

  • Provides the industries fastest index time at 0.3 seconds

  • Eliminates numerous mechanical parts, thereby reducing maintenance and the cost of replacement parts

"The Servo B will have a dramatic impact on our customers' productivity," said Bob Brinkman, president and CEO of Davenport Machine, Inc. "New machines purchased today have proven they can pay for themselves in six months when tooled and set up properly."

There's good news for users of the original Model B machines as well. Full Servo Upgrade Packages are available that will convert existing machines into Servo B units, allowing them to incorporate many of the same productivity gains available on new machines.



Operator-friendly Control
In addition to its drive improvements and the elimination of internal mechanical parts, the Servo B provides a powerful, yet user-friendly man-machine (MMI) interface. Its operator-friendly programming cuts training time from months to days, an advantage that will have new operators running machines in no time.


Remote Monitoring
The simple PLC control on the Servo B controls four axes of motion and permits up to 10 jobs to be stored on the machine. In addition, the Servo B's optional 10 base T web PC card brings even more benefits of the digital-age to operators and management alike. Remote monitoring of all critical operating functions can now be performed. Functions such as job status, operational parameters, error reporting, tool breakage, and more can be viewed from a remote location or signal messages can be automatically sent.

"Many Servo owners are successfully competing with China due to reduced cost and higher productivity," Brinkman said. "and remote monitoring increases productivity even more knowing that you can check status and have a remote look at ongoing operations in real-time.”


Pays for itself ... in six months!


The Servo B can pay for itself in six months, or even less:


Machine Cost


With Tax Write Off


Average 2 Shift Operation (Hours per year)


Average Part Price Each


Current Cycle Time (Seconds)


Current Parts per Hour


Improved Cycle Time Due To Servo Accuracy (Seconds)


Improved Parts per Hour



Machine Efficiency






Additional Parts/Hour






Additional Parts Value/Hour






Additional Parts Value/Year





























Replaces Acme OEM Filter System




Are Pusher Marks a Problem?


"the no mark pusher"


Now Adjustable!




Flats - Hexes - Squares



Make them all with just one attachment


Available for:

Acme-Gridley, New Britain, Davenport, Wickman & Gildemeister






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